Nova International

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Our privacy policy is based on general privacy practices on Nepal. We practice our privacy policy as follows:

  • We highly respect the privacy of our Clients.
  • We protect and handle carefully all the documents and information provided by the applicant and take all necessary and proper safety management measures to prevent the leakage, loss, and damage of personal information.
  • We don’t use the information for any purpose other than that which the clients have consented.
  • The procedure used in document processing during the visa application will not be disclosed to other parties.
    The information generated within the institution will not be disclosed to third party unless applicant wants it to be disclosed or forced by concurrent lax.
    We shall stringently comply with laws and rules regarding the protection of personal information and ensure that personal information is used and protected properly.
  • Information about the purpose of using personal information in our possession will be made available to the person; we shall disclose, cooect, or suspend use if requested by the person.
  • We will respond properly and quickly to any comments forom customers regarding our privacy practices.