Human Resource

Our main role is to provide you with the major resource that is recruitment, which helps the organizations so that they are never understaffed and also conduct the entire recruitment process, resulting in saving your time and being cost-effective.


We provide the advantage of the flexibility to have more options to choose from. You can state your conditions and clauses too.

Reduced Risks

Because of us, the risk of hiring the wrong candidate is reduced.

Suitable Employment

Due to our huge network, it is the right thing to do to approach us as we will help you in finding a suitable job at the earliest.


The candidates are more competent and ready for the job role as we provide every individual with various training sessions.

Right Compensation

Knowing the standard industry payroll, we help the candidates approach the right job with the right compensation.


We provide the candidates the flexibility to choose from various companies and various job opportunities. We also take care of candidates’ requirements like part-time, and temporary employment.

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Recruitment Agency

In a candidate’s job search process, making use of the services of  Nova International can be highly beneficial as we have ample knowledge of the field and can offer the candidate other benefits.